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Geisha Coffee

We are Lydia & Velizar - the team behind Geisha Coffee. One of the things that unite us is our passion for good coffee, our desire to always experiment and innovate and last but not least our strong belief in sustainable coffee production that brings benefits to consumers, farmers and environment.

How did we come up with the name? Geisha is one of the most exquisite varieties of coffee on the planet with wonderful complex flavours. Once tasted it remains unforgettable. Following the same principle we want to give you a great memorable experience. 



Coffee is used for painting since ancient times. Coffee mixed with water is ideal for watercolour technique. It creates natural texture and tones. The intensity of colour depends on how strong you make your coffee.

The paintings were created during the lockdown in Spain. Inspiration came to us by enjoying our favourite cup of coffee and appreciating simple daily pleasures. All paintings are available as originals or in a printed format.

Coming soon: What does your coffee reveal about you?

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Coffee disaster

Coffee disaster painting A painting made on a watercolour paper with coffee itself. It includes some messy texture effects such as stains and coffee drips. Size: A4 Painting method: loose watercolour style Paint: different shades of coffee

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