Coffee is a part of your daily routine. Morning would not be the same without having a delicious cup of coffee.

If you enjoy good quality coffee and if you are curious about the best way of preparing it then you should try our workshops.


You won´t need any kind of fancy and expensive coffee brewing equipment. After just a bit of practice, you will be able to make coffee at home like an award-winning barista.



We live in Barcelona, city with a developing specialty coffee culture to which we want to contribute. It took us years of practice and travels through South America, Africa and Asia in order to perfect the coffee cup. We have invested a lot of resources in coffee courses and we trained with one of the best masters of the coffee art.


Something we have discovered independently – a cup of specialty coffee puts you on the path of a healthy well-being. It sends positive vibes to your body and mind and protects them from any undesired outside influence.   


Image by Adelin Preda



We are Lydia & Velizar - the team behind Geisha Coffee. One of the things that unite us is our passion for good coffee, our desire to always experiment and innovate and last but not least our strong belief in sustainable coffee production that brings benefits to consumers, farmers and environment.

How did we come up with the name? Geisha is one of the most exquisite varieties of coffee on the planet with wonderful complex flavours. Once tasted it remains unforgettable. Following the same principle we want to give you a great memorable experience. 


Drip Coffee Pour


Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee is a term that describes the highest quality of coffee beans in the world. There is an association for specialty coffee that has very strict guidelines on which coffee can be considered specialty and which commercial.

To paint a better picture you need to know that specialty coffee is around 10% of the whole coffee production in the world. So if specialty coffee was graduating from the school of quality, it will definitely get a “magna cum laude” in its diploma.


Life is short.
Get a good coffee.