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Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee is a term that describes the highest quality of coffee beans in the world. There is an association for specialty coffee that has very strict guidelines on which coffee can be considered specialty and which commercial.

To paint a better picture you need to know that specialty coffee is around 10% of the whole coffee production in the world. So if specialty coffee was graduating from the school of quality, it will definitely get a “magna cum laude” in its diploma.


Why should you start drinking specialty coffee?


Would you like to find taste and aroma of strawberries, chocolate or melon in your coffee? If the answer is yes then specialty coffee will open a new chapter in your culinary life. You will start tasting coffee just like a wine sommelier and enjoy its rich flavours. We are pretty sure that after this experience you will reduce your intake of this bitter nonsense called commercial coffee.


Commercial coffee is what it is – ordered by a large corporation, produced in mass quantities with no consideration of the environment or the people who grow it. We strongly believe that in the 21st century this should no longer be the norm. As coffee lovers, specialty coffee is our best tool in helping the environment. We invite you to join an exponentially growing movement that will soon overthrow the old status quo.

Supporting Farmers  

Almost all specialty coffee is traceable to its country of origin and the farm that produced it. Normally farmers who grow it need to invest a lot more in equipment and fertile land in comparison with farmers focused on commercial coffee. It is a classic quality versus quantity scenario.


Big retail companies pay the absolute minimum to their farmers to produce commercial coffee which then appears on the shelves of supermarkets to satisfy the mass consumer. Do you want to make a rich company richer or do you want to support a hardworking farmer in Colombia who is doing their best to grow high quality coffee that you will enjoy with every single sip? Choice is yours, for us it´s obvious.

Vote with your wallet

Vote with your wallet by buying only specialty coffee which supports the farmers that produce it and helps us preserve the environment. The farmers will show their gratitude by offering you a cup of coffee full of undiscovered flavours – a real enlightenment of your senses.

If you don´t know where to start from, get in touch with us and we will gladly help you. We already have years of experience in selecting the best providers of specialty coffee as well as extensive knowledge on how to prepare it into a delicious cup of coffee.


Life is short.
Get a good coffee.