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Team Building


Remote teams and working from home became a new way of working. It is sometimes difficult to create the right team spirit when we cannot see each other in the office.


How many coffee meetings have you done? Probably a lot... There is no office without coffee. This hot drink is an integral part of our life.

During this fully online session we help you to create the right team spirit and learn more about coffee. The team building is designed in an interactive way with gamification elements.


Online Workshop

You can easily become a certified coffee master and impress the people you care about by preparing delicious coffee in a way they have never tasted before.


Not only will we share with you the knowledge we have built through tons of “trial and error” but also we will be making our coffee together with you.


This will be a fully interactive experience where the world of specialty coffee will unveil before you its powerful and exotic flavours.  

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Coffee Tasting

Have you ever seen a wine sommelier sipping on a French merlot and describing its qualities in details?


Coffee masters do the exact same thing but obviously with our favourite beverage.


When we drink coffee we expect our senses of smell and taste to guide us into finding its aroma, flavour, sweetness, acidity, body and much more.