Online Workshops

Bring your curious mind

You can easily become a certified coffee master and impress the people you care about by preparing delicious coffee in a way they have never tasted before.


Not only will we share with you the knowledge we have built through trial / error / success but also we will be making our coffee together with you. This will be a fully interactive experience where the world of specialty coffee will unveil before you its powerful and exotic flavours.   


What is included

  • 2 bags of specialty coffee shipped directly to you

  • Tailor-made content based on your coffee preference

  • Explanation about coffee origins and development

  • 2 different methods of preparation – Aeropress, V60, French press, Moka, etc.

  • Tips on how to perfect your coffee experience

Time: 1 hour | Price: €45

Life is short.
Get a good coffee.