Around the world with coffee

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

23 May 2020 at 11am CEST

Virtual travel through coffee farms in Africa, South America and Asia.


This online event was all about different regions where coffee grows. It might be difficult to travel right now for many of us, and that's why we decided to travel through our memories and screens.

We shared with you our experiences with coffee through our travels in Colombia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Who should attend Our events are is for curious, environmentally friendly coffee enthusiasts that want to explore coffee flavours and origins.


  • Discover from where your coffee gets to a cup every day

  • We'll show you our personal experience from coffee farms while traveling in Colombia, Ethiopia and Vietnam

  • We had a special guest, Alejandro Lucero, born in Colombia who shared with us how Colombians drink coffee, why it's possible to find only coffee with sugar in cafés and much more [video 8:17]

  • We described coffee ceremony and field visit in Ethiopia [video 25:18]

  • Finishing with robusta coffee and cocktails from Vietnam [video 37:20]

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