Dalgona Coffee - the new Instagram queen

Dalgona Coffee got popular thanks to social media and the fact that people are locked down in their homes during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s a sensation and everyone wants to try it. When if not now? We have all the time in our hands and dalgona coffee seems to be a good way to show the world that we are enjoying the forced quarantine.

Let’s be honest here, dalgona coffee is a perfect Instagram success: it has a beautiful thickening, creamy texture, two contrasting layers of white milk and brown mix of coffee & sugar. Moreover, there is a do-it yourself recipe to follow. It’s not “only” about turning the stove on and

waiting for the coffee to be brewed. Your forearm muscles are going to work while making dalgona coffee because you need to whisk it for a miserably long time.

People want to be liked and famous. Social media is probably one of the easiest ways to do that today. I am guilty of posting pictures of activities I do or coffee I drink. If you have a social media account, you most probably do it too. The question is – do you really enjoy things you post about?

Do you really enjoy that “photogenic” dalgona coffeea? If you do it’s fine. Taste is very subjective. I have to say I don’t, and I am going to explain why.

First, one of the main ingredients you need: instant coffee. Are you serious? I used to drink instant coffee like most of the world when I was at university and needed a quick energy boost. It was easy to prepare and of course dirt cheap – so obvious choice for a poor student. But now I can’t say I would enjoy a cup of instant coffee. Maybe because it was first produced primarily for war purposes. You can read more about instant coffee on our blog post dedicated to it. You might ask yourself: can I replace instant coffee with a regular espresso or other type of coffee? The answer is no. Instant coffee is that crucial ingredient that creates foam in your dalgona coffee. Your regular coffee might have a nice crema after you make it, however it disappears shortly after preparation.

Second reason I don´t enjoy dalgona coffee is another of its ingredients: sugar. Every time sugar is added to a beverage it is done for the purpose to mask the real taste and to make it more pleasurable for our taste receptors. I’m not going to go into details of why too much sugar is not good for our diet, you heard enough about it. This article should be fun so let's trash dalgona coffee a bit more :)

Third reason - ratio of ingredients: 8g of coffee, 20g of sugar, 20g water and 120g milk. Coffee seems to be a bit misrepresented in this recipe, still it’s a considerable amount of it. This would be much higher than the amount in your regular cup of coffee. If you use a large amount of instant coffee, the dominant taste will be bitter. Therefore, you put sugar to make it sweater. The end product would be two very intense tastes mixed together.

Dalgona coffee is as good as what you put into it. I don’t want to discourage you from trying it. If it brings you pleasure to prepare it, post a nice pic and remember how fun it was, then it already fulfilled its purpose. Plus, you tried something new, you can compare it with other coffees and you are becoming a better coffee expert, well sort of... Just don’t fool yourself that this is good coffee. Like many other things it looks great for Instagram, but you can't really taste a photo, can you?

Before you go, check out our brand new event section. We have a new event coming up on Saturday, 18th April 2020 about "What's specialty coffee and how to prepare it at home".

Life is too short. Get a good coffee.

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