“The darker the better” – the case of Nova Brasilia coffee from Bulgaria

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The Balkans has always been an interesting and unique place. Most people from the Balkans are very warm, social and welcoming. As a guest there you can see how different cultures are blending into one colourful and memorable experience. One thing that you would notice in all Balkan nations is their unconditional love for coffee.

Here, coffee is not just a delicious drink; it plays a major role in the entire society. Coffee wakes you up in the morning, helps you go through your day of working by digging up great ideas from your creative mind. On top of that the drink is also the social glue of the Balkans - people meet up and discuss the daily portion of gossip, politics or football while sipping from their cups of aromatic black magic. The expression “Let´s go for a coffee” can be used to invite somebody on a date or simply to get a group of friends together.

All this is great, but there´s one thing that never makes sense to me personally. The perceived quality of the consumed coffee is all wrong. In Bulgaria for example, similarly to Spain the darker and the more bitter the coffee – the better. The most popular local brand, Nova Brasilia has been part of most Bulgarian households since the 1990s until nowadays. It is a big part of the common taste in the country to a degree where I´ve met people who cannot drink any other type of coffee but Nov

a Brasilia. The flavour of Nova Brasilia represents very well the preferred coffee palate of the Balkans.

The team of Geisha Coffee decided to taste it in a professional environment and evaluate the drink and its qualities. We have prepared the coffee using the V60 method – 22g of coffee with 320ml water. Here are our findings:

  • Aroma – burnt coffee and nuts

  • Flavour – very bitter, overroasted

  • Acidity – no perceived acidity whatsoever

  • Body – full and heavy

  • Aftertaste – very bitter and persistent

The coffee is definitely way overroasted which doesn´t allow us to really find its true qualities. The sense of bitterness is so overwhelming that we had to squeeze our eyes as a physical reaction to every sip.

Nova Brasilia fits into many people´s idea of a good coffee. Nevertheless if you read this you are probably someone who has high standards and appreciation for the drink. You also care about sustainable sourcing and have respect for the work put behind growing the beans going to your cup. If you are that person, get yourself a restraining order to keep you at least 10 meters away from coffees like Nova Brasilia.

Life is short. Get a good coffee.

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