Why do I drink "weird coffee"

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I started to drink coffee at university. The reason was simple – I used coffee to keep myself awake during my early classes after heavier party nights or whenever I needed “inspiration” during long nights when I had to finish my paper or to stay awake for last minute studying.

Coffee kind of stuck around since then. It started to be a part of my social life. “Let’s go for a coffee!” does not necessarily mean you need to order a coffee when you want to catch up with a friend. It just means you want to talk and spend some time together. I heard people using this sentence often even though they do not drink coffee themselves.

It takes between 30-90 days to build a routine. All of a sudden you realise coffee becomes an integral part of your day, of your morning routine, of a break at work, opportunity to sit down and talk to a friend. Even companies use informal coffee meetings as an excuse for office meetings.

One day I visited a coffee place in Prague, it was one of those after-lunch coffee routines I have. The cafeteria was very hip… it looked like a botanic garden, full of plants that were popular during communism, white tiles on the wall, waitresses with piercings and tattoos. On the menu I could see regions where coffee grows instead of classic espresso or cappuccino. I had no idea what I wanted and how I wanted them to prepare it. When I asked the waitress to make an espresso from natural Ethiopia, she looked at me as if I asked for a dead rat. I understood later that this type of coffee was not the ideal one for espresso as it would be rather acidic, however it was perfect for another method of preparation.

This is the moment where my curiosity about the coffee world started. I had no clue what I wanted. Moreover, the fact I was not explained what makes a difference in coffee taste. For example if I choose a light roast of single origin coffee, this sounds too much of a lab language to me. I started to learn about different origins of coffee, what coffee to use for a different type of preparation, I started to experiment, visit coffee farms during my vacations, bring coffee home and try it with my mum. And it did not stop there. My knowledge about the aromas and tastes I started to recognise in coffee started to be important also in other drinks or food. I learnt how to savour not only coffee. I learnt how to stop for a moment and appreciate the product that had to go through so many hands, so many hours of hard work.

The downside is that sometimes when I smell the coffee and I know I won’t be able to drink it. Yes, there is a lot of bitter coffee out there in the world. I trained my senses and I simply cannot ignore them anymore. Some of my friends even think that I drink that “weird” coffee. The most important thing is that you drink the coffee you like for whatever reason you have.

So, now it is my turn to ask. Why do you drink your coffee?

Life is short. Get a good coffee.