Summer coffee drinks

21 June 2020

A delightful mixology event where we prepare 5 of the best summer coffee cocktails.


Learn the art and science of mixing coffee drinks at this online event. All recipes are tested, using coffee as the main ingredient with a creative twist. We'll share the list of ingredients below in case you want to prepare the coffee cocktails from the comfort of your kitchen.

Together we'll prepare 3 of the best summer coffee cocktails with tools you have available at home. Among the 3 coffee cocktails are cold brew, espresso martini and pink latte.

List of ingredients:

  • coffee

  • water

  • 2 cl of vodka

  • 2 cl of Baileys or Tatra tea (milk flavour 17%)

  • milk (any type, also plant-based versions)

  • beetroot

  • curcuma

We always put quality over fame. That's why we did not prepare dalgona coffee. Read about our experience when testing dalgona coffee in our blog.

Our special guest at this event is Kolt. Founders of Kolt are specialists on cold brew, which is a must-have coffee for many summer cocktails. Kolt told us their interesting story how they renovated an old horse cart and transformed it into a coffee truck (you can read more about their project here). And of course, they'll teach you how to prepare cold brew at home.

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