The coffee that ticks all boxes

As many of you know we are a huge coffee fan and over the years I have tasted all kinds of exotic and everyday life standard coffees. We have met some of the best coffee experts in the world and we have to tell you what these specialists call “good coffee” is often very far from your idea of how this should taste like. 

A study conducted on people who do not drink coffee shows that the main arguments of not having a cup of joe every day revolve around the taste of the drink. The participants in the study describe it as too bitter or too acidic. This made me think about what kind of coffee can handle these objections, and I found it – this is the amazing cold brew.

Cold brew means coffee that has been steeped in cold or room temperature water for 12 to 24 hours. It requires no fancy equipment, nor deep barista knowledge to make it at home.

The taste is very sweet, silky, and smooth. If you close your eyes you would have a feeling it has a bit of milk and sugar in it, although it is just pure coffee. It doesn´t have any contact with hot water so all the bitter and acidic molecules wouldn´t end up in the cold brew. The final drink will only contain sugars, caffeine, and the flavours of the coffee.

Cold brew is good to be consumed even on an empty stomach because it is never aggressive to your digestive system like hot brewed coffee for example. It is the ideal drink before a workout, giving you all the energy you need without the feeling of heaviness or discomfort.

It is incredibly easy to make: put pre-ground specialty coffee in a jar, add room temperature water, stir it gently and leave it on your kitchen table for ideally 18 hours. The ratio of coffee to water is 1:12. This means that you put 40 grams of coffee with 500 grams of water. After 18 hours should filter the cold brew either with a sieve or better with a paper coffee filter. Then enjoy with your family.

You can make great summer drinks with it: coffee with milk, coffee with tonic, coffee martini etc. Don´t confuse it with ice coffee, which is hot brewed coffee poured over ice. Cold brew is a much better choice for both your taste and health.

Life is short. Get a good coffee!