The story of KOLT: urban project that is a lot more than just a coffee

This is not just a coffee project. It is about empowering people to improve urban spaces, respecting old buildings and repairing them. Two founders of Kolt decided to create a cultural spot in a small town of Zlate Moravce, Slovakia and this is their story.

We are Jimmi and David, the founders of Kolt, friends and of course - coffee lovers. We came up with our “specialty coffee shop” idea a few years ago. Our first idea was to set up a coffee shop in our hometown “Zlate Moravce”, inside the old Town hall.

The start of our journey certainly wasn't the easiest one, and we went through a lot of trouble in regards to bureaucracy and dealings with authorities. So we decided to sideline the coffee shop project and instead started our coffee truck journey. Our budget certainly wasn't a very big but we managed to save a lot of money by buying an old horse transporter from 1971.

Using our passion for renovations and repairs we repurposed it to serve as a coffee truck. We spent the next coming weeks working hard, reconstructing the old transporter inside the workshop of our carpenter friend, Richard Valovič, and here is the result.

And why did we choose the name “Kolt”? Kolt is a synonym for “gun”, and we are serving shots, or better said double shots, that's why.

We noticed our town was missing specialty coffee shops, and as a result also lacked cultural events, so we decided to take advantage of this business opening and set up shop in the courtyard of the old Town Hall. However, before we were able to do that we first had to deal with the desolate state of the courtyard itself, which we had to completely revitalize and bring up to scratch. All of the coffee shops in the town worked with commodity Italian blends and dark roasts, and as a result the “third wave” coffee was not in sight, so we took this duty in our hands and started with “KOLT”.

We started serving specialty coffee last year, on the second of August 2019. All this time we are staying true to our original vision of opening a regular “coffee shop” in the interior of the Town hall, so we are trying to save every penny we can. This also includes our own tips, all of which we invest towards the pursuit of our original dream, which mostly comes down to renovations of the Town Hall.

The first impressions were surprisingly good, and in the span of a few weeks we got to know many great people who either shared the very same passion as us, or simply wanted to have a go at a different “coffee art”. The trait that most people found surprising and impressive regarding our coffee were the fruity flavours and the sweet tastes. We are working mostly with small Slovak roasters and are using singl