Team Building

Bring your team together

Remote teams and working from home became a new way of working. It is sometimes difficult to create the right team spirit when we cannot see each other in the office.


How many coffee meetings have you done? Probably a lot... There is no office without coffee. This hot drink is an integral part of our life.

During this fully online session we help you to create the right team spirit and taste like a real coffee sommelier. The team building is designed in an interactive way with gamification elements.


What is included

  • 1 bag of specialty coffee shipped directly to your team members

  • Tailor-made content based on your coffee preference

  • Explanation about coffee origins and flavours

  • 1 coffee recipe

  • Team building part: reveal personality of your colleagues based on what coffee they drink

  • 1 hour workshop

Team building experience

We analyse the results and tailor the workshop content based on your team members' preferences. Each team member will receive 1 bag of locally roasted specialty coffee.

The workshop will be interactive. Team members will be asked to use their phones to participate in an online quiz, ask questions or participate in live polls.

Your team members fill in the online questionnaire before the workshop. The questionnaire will include questions as what kind of coffee they usually drink, reasons why they drink coffee, etc. 

Each team member will receive a calendar invite to join the online team building with the instructions and ingredients they should prepare. Ingredients are in each household: salt, sugar, cinnamon, fruit, etc.

At the end we reveal personalities of the team members based on their coffee habits. Espresso drinker looks for an energy boost. Cappuccino drinkers want to relax and filter coffee drinkers are known as geeks in the coffee world. 

Life is short.
Get a good coffee.